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EDTE 281 31 March 2003 Simulations
An interactive representation which approximates or imitates real world activities, behaviors, events, or phenomena.

Literture Review:
The journal article relates the experience of a property management company’s participation in an emergency response exercise in Anchorage, Alaska. Multiple agencies planned, coordinated, and executed the on site disaster simulation. The scenario involved a fire on the 11th floor of the incident building followed by a chemical spill. The article goes on to explain the preparation for the exercise by tenents and property management staff, the establishment of relationships with city emergency managers, how the disaster was staged, the disaster exercise itself, and lessons learned.

Derry-Wood, Jo (1993) Disaster planning up close, Journal of Property Management, July-August v58 n4 p28(2)
Joyce, B. & Weil, M. (2000) Learning From Simulations, Models of Teaching (pp. 347-357) Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon

Simple role playing scenarios where individuals portray vicitims of a mass causalty event are often used to exercise emergency managers, first responders, and medical personnel. These exercises normally utilize field expedient methods to depict wounds and trauma dispalyed by the "victims".

Technological resources can also be inserted into the above scenario by integrating participants agency's command, control, and information systems into the play. Additionally, messages and video data may be inserted into the communications networks in order to exercise operations staff members and further develop the realism of the scenario.

Professional Development Workshop:
Emergency Managers Response Scenario - Major Earthquake in the Los Angeles Area.
This scenario will exercise the Incident Command System (ICS) and Mutual Aid response of multiple counties and cities to respond to a major incident. Additionally, this scenario will require first resonders (fire, police, medical, public utilities, and transportation) to deal with simultaneous assistance requests as well as assess and report status into the ICS.

In my profession scenarios, simulators, and siuational training is frequently utilized to train and educate individuals and groups at all levels. Air and vehicle crews obtain initial individual and collective unit training in synthetic full visual simulators ,which may also be networked together into larger multi-echelon training scenarios across the globe.

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