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Advanced Organizers
Ideas about advanced organizers in teaching and learning. Advanced Organizers are helpful to students in any learning environment by providing them an organizational structure and context with which expository information may be processed for learning. More than simply providing an introduction or overview of the lesson to be taught, an advanced organizer provides the “scaffolding” to make large amounts of information meaningful to students. In the systems engineering instruction I’ve provided, the training materials we used would always prepare students for upcoming lessons by explaining how and why the to be lesson presented, would be important in their future roles as system administrators. This provided them the context with which to frame the lesson into the overall course, rather than just imparting a series of tasks or steps to be learned.

Literature Review
Ausubel believes for students to become ‘active constructors of knowledge’ they must be provided with information at the metalevel prior to instruction beginning. That is to say, they must have information about the learning they are to receive and how it relates to the world around them. Ausubel model is concerned with strengthening students cognitive structures, that is how much, what kind, and how organized is a student knowledge at any point in time.

The syntax of Ausubel model has three activity phases:

  1. Presentation of the advanced organizer
  2. Presentation of the learning material or task
  3. Strengthening of the cognitive organization

Ausubel stresses his model usefulness in instructing extended curriculum or courses. Major concepts are explained and integrated over the course of the instruction period to expand student’s knowledge.

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